Support Cage, set of 4ea
This tomato plant is over 6' tall

Support Cage, set of 4ea

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Sturdy  Support Cages for vining vegetables, fruits, and flowers that fold up for easy storage. You can either fold them flat or fold them into a 4"x 57" pole shape.   The galvannealed and powder coated (rust resistant) steel legs and sanded and knot free cedar wood cages look attractive in your garden and won't blow over in the wind. 

Our cages have convenient holes in the bottom of the legs so they can be secured/screwed to the side of your raised and elevated garden planters, especially useful in community gardens.  The legs have points on the bottom so they can easily be pushed into your garden soil. 

You get a set of 4 with each order. Unfolded, each Support Cage is 47" tall and 11" square; they perfectly in your square-foot garden.  The cages can be stacked, one inside the other, to create a 6-foot tall cage.

Our Support Cages last many, many years.

No more do you have to struggle with wire cages and bent legs that go every-which-way when you try to stake them in the ground!!

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