Events & Show Schedule for 2019 (so far):

    Philly Home and Garden Show, Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks, PA - February 15-17
    Connecticut Flower and Garden Show, Hartford CT - February 21-24
    Maryland Home and Garden Show, Timonium Fairgrounds - March 2-3 (first weekend only)
    Buffalo Home Show, Buffalo Niagara Convention Center - March 8-10 & March 15-17
    Plantasia, Hamburg, NY - March 21-25
    Southern Ideal Home Show, Raleigh North Carolina State Fairgrounds - April 5-7
    Leesburg VA Garden Festival - April 27-28

    Watch Aaron Demonstrate The Features of the Best Planter Boxes!

    Aaron's Homestead Raised & Elevated Planter Boxes

    Aaron's Homestead is a family owned and operated business with over 35 years of manufacturing experience. Our raised garden beds are proudly made of the best steel and Northern White Cedar right here in the USA. They are super durable and the sturdiest elevated planters on the market. We stand behind our planters. As a testament, our own gardens at home are raised in these very planter boxes. See what we've got growing!

    Our Elevated Farmer Boxes are 14" deep, so you can grow any and all root vegetables, get a good crop of tomatoes, and have enough root space that maintains moisture longer. They come in several different colors and sizes to match your garden décor for years to come. Aaron's Planter Boxes last a lifetime and the quality is outstanding. Our young grandkids (we have 9, ages newborn to 19) will still be able to use their planters when they are adults.

    Where Can We Use Raised & Elevated Garden Boxes?

    These are perfect for:

    ~ Urban Gardens
    ~ Patios
    ~ Community & Local Gardening Areas
    ~ Schools & Classrooms
    ~ Apartments & Townhouses with Limited Space or Shared Yards
    ~ Retirement Communities & Senior Living Homes - Folks can fully enjoy gardening without having to stoop or kneel!

    How Are The Planter Boxes Made?

    Our raised bed planters are designed so you will have many, many years of harvests and enjoyment from your garden. These raised garden beds are balanced and factor in the weight of the soil, water, and plants; which can weigh as much as 80 pounds per cubic foot. A 2’x 4’ x 14” deep planter has 8 cu.ft. of soil, which could be 640 pounds or more.

    Strong Frames

    The planter support frame will not sink into soft dirt like a standard 4-legged planter leaving your planter lop-sided or with gouges in your deck. The steel frame of Aaron's planters evenly distributes the weight evenly throughout the whole frame, not just on four legs or casters

    Reinforced Bottoms and Corners

    Our planters have thick rot-resistant cedar slat bottoms with a reinforcing cedar 2x4 running right down the center of the planter that supplies extra support and helps to transfer the weight to the steel frame. They are not screwed into the side boards so you do not have to worry about the screws failing to hold all of the weight, our steel frame holds the weight.

    Stainless Steel Bolts

    The planters are put together using stainless steel carriage bolts, washers, and nuts rather than screws. This way the fasteners go through the wood, not into the wood that can lead to splitting and cracking, especially after a year or two of hot/cold temperatures. Screws and dove-tail joints have a tendency to come out (or apart) of the wood especially if that wood gets wet, dries, gets wet again, freezes, dries, or to put it plainly, your normal yearly changing of the seasons.

    Smooth Wood, No Splinters

    We also sand and router the top edges of the cedar boards to alleviate rough wood and splinters. The sides do not taper or flare so there is even and consistent moisture throughout the planting area, no dried out sections like in a V-shaped planter box.

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