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Greenhouse Cover, 2'x4'

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Greenhouse Cover, 2'x4' for the 2430/2436 Elevated Garden Planter Box
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Transparent Greenhouse - 2'x4'

47" long x 23 5/8" wide by 24" high.

These handy greenhouse covers allow you to start growing your garden early and extend your growing season into the winter. The greenhouse cover fits perfectly inside the Elevated Garden Planter Boxes, as well as being able to sit right on the ground in any size garden.  The zipper on the front of the cloche allows easy access to the plants, along with the tie-up flap feature that allows for ventilation and humidity control on warm days.  Use as a cold frame to start your plants in the spring.

Sturdy green steel frame tubing with waterproof transparent 6mil plastic cover. Easy assembly. Imported Item.

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